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An MP3CD player that hold over 10hrs of music!

Qmp3D, Download Today
Qmp3D, Download Today

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See below for a list of Car-based, In-dash Commercial MP3 players.

MP3 Hardware:

Portable MP3 Players:

Car-based MP3 Players:

We highly recommend you buy from! Why?

  1. They offer a FREE Custom installation kit w/ wiring harness that plugs directly into your vehicle's factory harnes.
  2. Vehicle specific instructions.
  3. Toll-free technical help... to install your new system if needed.
  4. Easily determine if the Indash MP3 player will fit in your vehicle.
  5. I have personally ordered from them and installed with no issues.
  6. Mention my ID number 19618168 in the "Special Messages" box online or by phone and get $25 of your first order!
  7. Think about registering our software CDMaster32; which make it easy to create MP3s from your AudioCDs

Our pick? Aiwa CDC-MP3 due to the fact I have installed it and used it with little problems since I purchased it from in 8/00. I can't recommend the newer players; because I don't own one. Inexpensive, reliable.

Where to buy: (shipping NOW!)

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MP3: The Threat and Promise of Net Audio - MP3 gadgets, Latest news.

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