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Windows CHDIR Version

Windows CHDIR (later referred to as WinCHDIR) is a shareware add-on for Windows that allows the user the ability to rapidly move from Windows to a DOS window. The program also allows the user to copy the full path of a file to the clipboard.

The program is intended to be used in conjunction with Windows Explorer. With a right click of the mouse button, the user can open a DOS window at that directory or copy the file's path to the clipboard.

Best of all, the program is Free* when used on an Authorized Machine. An Authorized Machine is defined as:

  • a machine where more than 50% of the machine's use is devoted to non-profit use.
  • a machine that is not owned by a for-profit business entity such as but not limited to a corporation.
  • a machine owned by Intel Corporation.

Please note: If you don't have an Authorized Machine, you can not use the program (or even evaluate it). If you really want to try it, send me some e-mail at no_spam@zittware.com along with how much you'd be willing to pay... and I'll consider changing my policy or pricing information.

* Well, not totally free... You have to send me an Addressed postcard or letter from your area. I'd prefer one of those "tourist" type cards so I can live vicariously through your postcards. Of course I reserve the right to change the cost of this program at any time.

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