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MP3 to WAVe converters are commonly used to when wanting to burn AudioCDs from your MP3 files or when converting to another audio format like Vorbis (OGG).

CNet Editors' Choice 8 out of 10 rating. (2/15/2002)

CDMaster32 provides you with a simple interface to convert these MP3s into WAV files. And it will convert the MP3s in batches, allowing you to convert several MP3s at the same time.

I invite you to download CDMaster32 for yourself to see just how fast* and easy it is to convert mp3 files.

Download the program now and I'll walk you through this process step-by-step.

  1. Open CDMaster32. You will see the Main screen open.
  2. You can open the MP3 to WAVe converter screen (aka Recording Options window) by clicking the RECORD menu and clicking File Conversions followed by to WAV
  3. Ensure File Conversions is selected the under Media Type box.
  4. Ensure the WAV box is checked in the Destination File Type(s) box.
  5. "Add" any number of MP3 files by using the Add button. You can add MP3 files for multiple directories by using the Add button as many times as you need to get the files you want.
  6. Hint: You can also add any other support file type during this step.
    Currently CDMaster32 supports the following formats:

  7. If you want the to-be-created WAV files in a certain directory, you can change the Destination Directory for *.WAV files box.
  8. Be sure to enable the volume normalizer and audio enhancement routines on the Enhance tab if desired.
  9. Once you added all the MP3 files you want to convert, simply click the OK button...
    and the MP3 to WAVe converter will begin to process the MP3 files into WAV files.

That's it... That's all there is to it! 

Because CDMaster32 is multithreaded and fully supports Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology it is one of the fastest MP3 products available today.

IF your converting your MP3 to WAV for the sole purpose of burning them onto AudioCD, CDMAster32 can automate the process for you buy choosing the MP3/WAV -> CDR option on the Recording Options window. See our tutoral on MP3 to AudioCD conversion or any of our other easy to follow tutorials.

By following these simple steps and you can convert any MP3 file in your collection into a WAV file... no matter if you got the MP3 files from Napster, Gnutella, or your friend's computer.

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