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Converting MP3s to an AudioCD with CDMaster32 can be accomplished using the simple steps as outlined in the tutorial below.

CNet Editors' Choice 8 out of 10 rating. (2/15/2002)

CDMaster32 provides you with a simple interface to convert these MP3s into an AudioCD which can be played in your Car's CD Player, Home HiFi CD player, or your Portable CD player.

Although this tutorial specifically talks about converting MP3 files, CDMaster32 will allow you to burn any supported file format onto AudioCD. Currently CDMaster32 support the following file formats:

CDMaster32's file selection dialog will allow you to select any supported file format. CDMaster32 will then convert that file into a WAV file. The WAV files are then processed using the built-in CD Quality Converter (if needed) followed by the built-in Volume Normalizer (if selected). All of this happens with little or no user intervention. 

The source of these MP3s can be your personal collection, Napster, Gnutella... anything!

I invite you to download CDMaster32 for yourself to see just how fast* and easy it is to convert mp3 files to a CD using your CD Writer (also known as a CD burner or Recordable drive).

Download the program now and I'll walk you through this process step-by-step.

  1. Open CDMaster32. You will see the Main screen open.
  2. You can open the MP3 to AudioCD screen (aka Recording Options window) by clicking either by using the RECORD menu followed by the AudioCD Burner menu.
  3. Ensure that the AudioCD Burner option under Media Type box is selected.
  4. "Add" any number of MP3 files by using the Add button. You can add MP3 files for multiple directories by using the Add button as many times as you need to get the files you want.
  5. Hint: You can select any file format CDMaster32 supports. This includes MP3, WAV, MOD, and Vorbis files.

  6. Once you add all the MP3 files you want on the CD, reorder the files if necessary using the Hand buttons or use the mouse by drag and drop reordering the files.
  7. Optional: Enable the built-in volume normalizer on the Enhance tab to make all the tracks on the CD have the same volume.

  8. When you have the tracks ordered as you want, click the OK button... and the file decoder(s) will begin to process the files into WAV files. 
  9. If necessary, the CD Quality converter will automatically convert any non-CD Quality files to CD Quality.
  10. If enabled, the built-in audio enhancement routines will process the WAV file and restore some of the quality lost when the file was originally compressed to MP3.
  11. If enabled, the built-in volume normalizer will process the WAV file and normalize them to the same target volume.
  12. After all the MP3s have been converted by CDMaster32 to WAV, The WAV to AudioCD screen will show up.
  13. Make sure your CD Writer is selected in the CDR drive setup box.
  14. CDMaster32 should automatically detect the proper Driver for your CDR drive. Most CD Writers these days are MMC compatible; so this is most likely the driver you will see.
  15. Select the write speed of your Recordable CD drive. CDMaster32 will detect the allowable write speeds of your media if you place a blank disc in the writer and click the Media button. It will also detect the size of you disc.
  16. Select the Write mode.
  17. Hint: Zittware recommends you start with Simulate then Write. After you have used the program a couple of times, feel free to change the option to Write only.

  18. Make sure the Finalize Disc is checked. If you fail to check this option, CDMaster32 will not write the Table of Contents on the CD-R; which means it would not work in any drive but your CD burner. 
  19. Click the Add Tracks button. 
  20. If the tracks process properly, you'll be able to click Write CD and the AudioCD will be created.
  21. Once the AudioCD is created, use CDMaster32 to help create a CD Label for your new AudioCD.

Other hints:

That's it... That's all there is to it! 

If you only looking to create WAV files from MP3 files, follow our MP3 to WAV converter tutorial.

By following these simple steps and you can convert any MP3 file in your collection to an AudioCD.... no matter if you got the MP3 files from Napster, Gnutella, or your friend's computer.

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