CDMaster32 provides support for
Hyper-Threading and Multiprocessing CPUs.
Find out why our MP3 software is one of the
fastest on the market today.

The Hyper-Threading feature of Intel's newest Pentium(r) 4 processor is fully utilized with CDMaster32. CDMaster32 is one of the fastest all-in-one MP3 utilities on the market because nearly every major feature is Multithreaded. CDMaster32 has been designed to take advantage of the Hyperthreading technology by executing several "threads" during cpu intensive areas of the program. Click here for Intel's Demo on Hyper-Threading to get an understanding of it's benefits. 

CDMaster32's Multithreaded capability is not limited to Intel Pentium(r) 4 processors; but can be utilized by any PC. While the most benefit from Multithreaded applications are derived from PCs with either HyperThreading or multiple cpus in your computer; Computers without hyperthreading or multiple cpus can still utilize CDMaster32's multithreaded features.

CDMaster32 features a multithreaded CDRipper, several multithreaded encoders and decoders, and a multithreaded AudioCD Burner.

Our CDRipper (CD to WAV) is executed in it's own thread while our MP3 and Vorbis encoders execute in their own separate and distinct threads. This means that you can rip a CD track to both MP3 and Vorbis formats at the same time! 

Like our Encoders, Our MP3, Vorbis, and MOD decoders are MultiThreaded. This means that you can select any MP3, MOD, or OGG file and have them decoded at the same time in separate threads. We know of no other application that will let you do this.

Our standalone volume normalizer and audio enhancement routines are Multithreaded as well. 

Because our decoders are multithreaded; burning an AudioCD from MP3 or OGG files is quick and easy.

The best part about all of this is you do not have to take our word for it; you can try CDMaster32 on your own computer by downloading from here for free. While you are here go ahead and check out our growing list of Tutorials or get more information on CDMaster32's features from here.

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HyperThreading Support