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CD Master32


(To download click the "download sites" button in the left menu)

CDMASTER (free to try) provides conversion technologies for WAV, MP3, Vorbis, MOD, and CDs. Some of the capabilities of CDMASTER are:

  • Burn those MP3s to AudioCD! With a few clicks of your mouse, you can create an Audio CD (.cda) that can be played in your Car's CD Player, Home HiFi CD player, or your Portable CD player.
    See how easy AudioCD Burning is with our tutorial!
  • Cross-Convert any supported file format.
    • Supported file formats include: MP3, WAV, and Vorbis (.OGG)
    • Even convert to same format. IE MP3 to MP3 (to change bitrate)
    • Decode MP3 to WAV or OGG to WAV.
    • Encode WAV to MP3 or OGG formats.
    • Convert Copy Protected WMA files to supported file formats.
    • Convert Copy Protected M4P (iTunes) files to supported file formats.
    • "Big Batch" mode allows you to cross convert your entire music collection with the advanced normalizer, Dynamic volume compression, and/or Audio Enhancement.


  • Render any supported Tracker format to a more portable format like AudioCD, MP3, WAV, or Vorbis. CDMaster32 supports 669, amf, dsm, far, gdm, imf, it, med, m15, mod, mtm, okt, stm, stx, s3m, ult, uni, and xm formats.
  • Virtually Hands free CD Ripper.
    • Rip to WAV, MP3, and/or Vorbis (.OGG) at the same time!
    • MP3s created with CDMaster32 are V1.1 Tag Compliant.
    • Optional Artist/Album Directory structure for .WAV and .MP3 files.
    • Can add new .MP3s to Playlist (.M3U,.PLS).

  • Use the standalone normalizer to make the volume of all of your audio files the same. Never touch the volume knob again.


  • Use our standalone Audio Enhancement routines to restore the quality of your audio files.


  • Most of CDMaster32's features are Multithreaded to take advantage of multiple cpus or Intel's new Hyper-threading technology.

  • User Interface can be customized with Winamp Skins. Design your own or Download already made skins.

  • Registered version allows dubbing of CDs to Audio Tape sizes equal to
    • 30,
    • 45,
    • 60,
    • 74,
    • 90,
    • 94,
    • 100,
    • 110,
    • 120 minutes.
    • Custom Size

  • Stores the Artist, Title, and CD information to allow for identification and display the next time that CD played.

  • Now allows attaching of graphics to individual CDs. These newly attached graphics can be displayed in a window or on the windows desktop each time you put the CD in your computer. The following formats are currently supported:
    • Joint Photographic Experts Group JPEG (*.JPG, *.JIF)
    • TrueVision (*.TGA)
    • PC Paintbrush by ZSoft (*.PCX)
    • Windows Bitmap (*.BMP)
    • Other Windows formats (*.DIB, *.RLE)

  • Imports your CD data from Microsoft's CDPLAYER.INI or the Free Internet CD Database. You can use CDMaster32 from behind a firewall since we use the standard http port (80) to receive the CD information. The firewall will think CDMaster is just another WWW browser!

  • Download AudioCD Covers and music  files form the Internet.

  • Supports more than one CDROM drive. (Multiple CDROM devices)

(To download click the "download sites" button in the left menu)

For Windows 7 installation see our Tutorial.

CDMaster 16
CDMaster16 for Win3.11

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