Normalize Audio.
Never touch the volume knob again
with our Normalizer!

Normalize Audio as you create an AudioCD, rip a CD, or convert a file using our software; CDMaster32

MP3 Normalizers are commonly used to keep a common volume across all the tracks on a CD. This is particularly important when the music on the CD is from different artists or CDs.  

"There's a loudness race in the (pop) music industry, where every year levels are pushed closer and closer to the maximum by the use of dynamic range compression. Which means that a Britney Spears CD from 2000 can be louder than a metal track from 1985. And an orchestra playing at full belt (over 100dB peak SPL!!!) is quieter than either, because classical music CDs haven't entered into this loudness race.

So, simply, the tracks on a CD aren't at the volume they are supposed to be listened to. On an individual CD things are OK, but between CDs, you have to adjust your volume control a lot to get the tracks to the volume they're supposed to be listened to." -- source

CDMaster32's built-in normalizer does not use a peak normalizer like many other products on the market. Instead, CDMaster32 implements two types of algorithms to help ensure you never have to adjust the volume knob again. 

I invite you to download CDMaster32 for yourself to see just how easy it is to use our Normalizer. See a screen shot of our Normalizer.

Our standalone normalizer can be used with most features of CDMaster32 including:

CDMaster32 has a lot of other features... check out our growing Tutorials section.

For more information of Audio Normalization see: Audio Normalization or Dynamic Range Compression by Wikipedia.

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CDMaster32 implements MP3Gain under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
CDMaster32's VLevel routines are licensed from Tom Felker's VLEVEL project under LGPL v2.1.