CDMaster32 is a tool
which can convert your MP3s to a different bitrate
with a FEW simple clicks of your mouse.

MP3 Bitrate Converters are commonly used to reduce the bitrate of an MP3 file so that is becomes smaller and so more can fit on a portable MP3 player. Many MP3 players have a limited amount of memory (say 32MB) so reducing the bitrate from 160kbps to 64kbps will allow you to fit more files into 32MBs of memory.

MP3 bitrate is the most important factor in determining the amount of compression (final file size), quality, and encoding speed. Reducing the MP3 bitrate will decrease the overall quality of the file - IE more compression equals a "muddier" sound.  Smaller bitrates mean more compression or smaller files; but it also means the quality will be lower. Think of lower bitrates as approaching telephone quality; while higher bitrates approach CD Quality. One must determine the best balance between bitrate and sound quality. Also please note that having a lot (<96kbps) or a little (>256kbps) of bitrate compression may effect compatibility with your MP3 player. When in doubt consult the manual of your MP3 device to ensure it can support your target bitrate.

Further note that increasing the bitrate is not advised. Increasing the bitrate of an existing MP3 file will do nothing to improve the quality of the MP3 file. MP3 files use "lossy" compression to obtain suitable file sizes; that lossy compression has already been performed to achieve the current bitrate. Uncompressing (or Decoding) an MP3 file cannot restore the original audio data which was "compressed out" during the MP3 encoding process. As such, increasing the bitrate will not be able to add anything further to the file except wasted space. CDMaster32 does provide an Audio Enhancement engine which may assist you in restoring some of the fidelity lost during the original compression process; but this should only be used as a last resort.

CDMaster32 provides you with a simple interface for File Conversion. In this case you would want to convert MP3 to MP3 with a new bitrate.

I invite you to download CDMaster32 for yourself to see just how easy it is to use our File Conversion step.

Download and Install the program now and I'll walk you through this process step-by-step.

  1. Open CDMaster32. You will see the Main screen open.
  2. You can open the MP3 Bitrate Converter screen (aka Recording Options window) by using the RECORD menu and clicking File Conversions followed by to MP3.
  3. Ensure File Conversions is selected the under Media Type box.
  4. Ensure the MP3 box is checked in the Destination File Type(s) box.

Hint: You can select other "output" file types here as well. CDMaster32 will also create Vorbis (OGG) and WAV files if you check the specific boxes.

  1. Add any number of MP3 files by using the Add Files button. You can add MP3 files for multiple directories by using the Add button as many times as you need to get the files you want. 

    Hint: You can also add any other support file type during this step. Meaning you can select WAV, MOD, and Vorbis files as part of the "input" files.
  2. If you want the to-be-created MP3 files in a certain directory (highly recommended), you can change the Destination Directory for *.MP3 files box under the MP3 Encoder tab.
  3. Make sure you turn OFF the AutoSelect Bitrates when converting from other file types option under the MP3 Encoder tab. Failure to do so autoset the bitrate of each new MP3 file to the same bitrate as the old one; thereby defeating the purpose of this tutorial.
  4. Set the desired bitrate for your new MP3 files. 
  5. Enable the volume normalizer on the Enhance tab to make all the files the same volume if desired.
  6. Once you added all the MP3 files you want to convert, simply click the OK button... and MP3 bitrate conversion will being by decoding the MP3 file(s) to WAV then re-encoding at your desired bitrate in step 8.  

That's it... That's all there is to it! 

Did you know CDMaster32 many other features including:

CDMaster32 has a lot of other features... check out our growing Tutorials section.

By following these simple steps and you can convert the bitrate of any MP3 file. 

For more information on MP3 Bitrates or MP3 Audio Quality please see Wikipedia.

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