Convert MOD Music to AudioCD,
WAV, MP3, or Vorbis.

Convert MOD Music to any format supported by CDMaster32. With CDMaster32 you can burn an AudioCD from MOD files or convert any MOD file to WAV, MP3, or Vorbis (OGG) formats.

What is MOD?

A MOD is the short term for a Module (or Tracker) file and is a general term for many different types of files made popular in the late 1980's on the Amiga and Atari home computers. According to

"Modules are digital music files, made up of a set of samples (the instruments) and sequencing information, telling a mod player when to play which sample on which track at what pitch, optionally performing an effect like vibrato, for example. Thus mods are different from pure sample files such as WAV, which contain no sequencing information. Mods are extremely popular in the demo world and offer a way of making music of an acceptable level of quality rather cheaply. With the advent of high-quality sound hardware, new generations of mods may even rise to a sound quality nearing that of professional equipment. Mods' sequencing information is based on patterns and tracks. A pattern is a group of tracks with a certain length... The tracks are independent of each other, meaning that a four track mod can play four voices or notes simultaneously. The patterns can be sequenced in a playlist, so that repeating the same sequence of patterns doesn't require rewriting of them." --

What MOD formats does CDMaster32 support?

CDMaster32 uses the MikMod sound library and supports the following Tracker formats:
The following information was taken from the MikMod sound library documentation at docs\mikmod.html

What can I do with MOD files and CDMaster32?

Use the following tutorials which fully support the MOD file formats above:

I invite you to download CDMaster32 for yourself to see just how easy it is to use our Normalizer. See a screen shot of our Normalizer.

CDMaster32 has a lot of other features... check out our growing Tutorials section.

Where can I get more information and download free MOD files?

MOD files are generally copyrighted; but the authors release them free to the public for non-commercial use. Since MOD files are generally much smaller than a MP3 file; they are quick to download. 
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