CDMaster32 is a CD Ripper
which can rip to MP3 with a
few simple clicks of your mouse.
Download our CD ripper and MP3 compressor today for FREE!

CD Rippers are commonly used to digitally extract audio (commonly known as ripping, DAE, or CDDA) from Audio CDs. CD Rippers are used to create MP3 files. With many programs on the market, Your required to manually do two things:

1) "Rip" the Audio CD Data to WAV files.
2) Encode or compress the WAV file into MP3 files using our built-in MP3 converter / compressor.

Since CDMaster32 performs both the CD ripping and MP3 encoding for you, we sometimes call CDMaster32 a MP3 ripper.

CDMaster32 provides you with a simple interface to rip CDs to MP3s or Vorbis.

I invite you to download CDMaster32 for yourself to see just how easy it is to use our CD Ripper.

Download and Install the program now and I'll walk you through this process step-by-step.

  1. Open CDMaster32. You will see the Main screen open.
  2. Place the "to be ripped" CD into your CD Drive. Wait for CDMaster32 to recognize the disk.
  3. If necessary, enter or download the CD information.
  4. You can open the CD Ripper screen (aka Recording Options window) by clicking the RECORD menu and clicking CD Ripper.
  5. Ensure that your desired File Type is checked in the Destination File Type(s) box.
  6. Hint: You can also any combination supported file types during this step.
    Currently CDMaster32 supports the following formats:

  7. Select available CD tracks you want to rip in the Available Tracks box.
  8. The use the Left arrow to move the selected tracks to the Tracks to Process box.
    Hint: You can also drag and drop files between the boxes.
    Hint: If you want to rip the entire CD, you can use the "move all" left arrow:
  9. Ensure / verify the destination directories are correct per your preferences:
  10. Verify various encoder settings per your preferences on the MP3 Encoder and Vorbis Encoder tabs.
  11. Optional: Enable the built-in volume normalizer on the Enhance tab to make all the files have the same volume.
  12. Once you selected all the CD tracks you want to rip, simply click the OK button...
    and the CD Ripper will begin to rip the audio to WAV. 
  13. After one track has been ripped the built-in encoders will automatically begin encoding your WAV file to desired file formats.
  14. If you are ripping to MP3, CDMaster32 will prompt you to enter the MP3 TAG information. This process can be automated if you download the CD's Data from the servers before starting the CD Ripping process outline above.

That's it... That's all there is to it!

Did you know CDMaster32 can also take MP3 files and burn them onto an AudioCD . See our tutorial on MP3 to AudioCD conversion.

CDMaster32 has a lot of other features... check out our growing Tutorials section.

By following these simple steps and you can convert any audio CD into MP3 files. 

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