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CDMaster32 Deluxe

(NOTE: This CD is for Microsoft Windows only.)

CDMaster32 Deluxe combines the registered version of our popular MP3 Software titled; CDMaster32, with many of the most popular MP3 software available on the Net today. Over 180MB of MP3 software in the following categories can be found on this CD:

  • MP3 Players (Winamp, Sonique, FreeAmp, etc)
  • MP3 Sharing Software (Gnotella, CuteMX, MiRC, etc)
  • Disk Labelers (Easycover, etc)
  • CDR utilities (WinImage, Media ID, etc)
  • MP3 Utilities (MP3 Taggers, Editors, etc)
  • Free MP3 Songs
  • and much more.

With a 56K modem, it would take you over 8 hours to download these programs; save yourself the hassle... Armed with this CD compilation of MP3 software you will be poised to handle the MP3 revolution with style and finesse.

You're welcome to Browse the contents of our CD: (regular use) (for Firewalled users)

Or you may download a complete Directory listing from here:

CDMaster32 Deluxe comes in two media types:

  • 3 inch CD for $39.99 (plus Shipping and Handleing)
  • Regular CD for $41.99 (plus S&H)

Please note: With the exception of CDMaster32, other software may be an evaluation copy; which in some cases may require additional payments to the author of the program.

Your purchase of this CD is for the registered license of CDMaster32; not for the other software on the CD. Zittware expects each customer to exercise CDMaster32's Free Try-Before-You-Buy option before purchasing this CD. Zittware cannot refund the cost of this software after the package has been opened.

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