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CDMaster 2.50
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CDMaster V3.00
CDPlayer w/ MP3 encoding


NOTE: This version will not function under NT because NT lacks some APIs that are needed by this program. Further work will be done to intergrate NT4.0 support into V2.x after V2.0 is released for Win9x. All you NT users, please be patient... I know how frustrating this must be.

**IMPORTANT** Due to the size of this application, All future betas will be sent out by a secured web site. To access this beta, the link is:


**NOTE**: This version of CDMaster REQUIRES v4.70 or better of COMCTL32.DLL. This DLL comes with IE3.0 (or better), Win98, or Office 97. The installation program now checks for this version of the control. If you need it, the installation will require connection to the Internet to download extra files. You should need to do this only once.

Once you have a ZIP file, you will need to unZIP the file to a temporary directory.

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