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CD Master

V 1.72


CDMASTER is a shareware CD player that provides the user with capabilities to dub audio CDs to other media like audio tape. Some of the capablities of CDMASTER are:

  • Registered version allows dubbing of CDs to media sizes equal to
    • 30,
    • 45,
    • 60,
    • 74,
    • 90,
    • 94,
    • 100,
    • 110,
    • 120 minutes.
    • Custom Size
  • Sorts the music content to fit the maximum amount of music on the media.
  • Stores your media properties for later recording.
  • Stores the Artist, Title, and CD information to allow for identification and display the next time that CD played.
  • Support for Autoplay under Windows 95.
  • Now allows attaching of graphics to individual CDs. These newly attached graphics are then displayed each time you put the CD in your computer. The following formats are currently supported:
    • Joint Photographic Experts Group JPEG (*.JPG, *.JIF)
    • TrueVision (*.TGA)
    • PC Paintbrush by ZSoft (*.PCX)
    • Windows Bitmap (*.BMP)
    • Other Windows formats (*.DIB, *.RLE)
  • Imports your data from Microsoft's CDPLAYER.INI.
  • Supports more than one CDROM drive.
  • Comprehensive in program recording instructions complete with illustrations.