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How to use Winamp Skins with CDMaster32

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This document is Copyright 1999 by John Zitterkopf and may not be distributed or copied for any use. Anyone is allowed to link to this page, but they may not copy any of the content without written consent from the Author, John Zitterkopf.

Comments and suggestions about this document should be forwarded to the Author: John Zitterkopf at no_spam@zittware.com

This document is intended for CDMaster32 users that want to "import" their favorite Winamp Skins for use with CDMaster32. Following the step by step instructions below will provide a user of CDMaster32 with a ActiveSkin .SKN file that can be used using CDMaster32's File/New Skin… feature.

Setup (Installation):

To convert from Winamp (main.bmp) files to CDMaster32 Skin file (.SKN), you will need the following files:

  1. Begin by installing the VB5.0 runtime files (if necessary).
  2. We assume you already have CDMaster32 V3.00 installed, or you would not be trying to convert your Winamp Skins <grin>; but incase you don't have CDMaster32 installed; do so now.
  3. Unzip the Winamp2SKN.zip archive into a suitable directory:
    Example: c:\program files\zittware\cdmaster32\Winamp2SKN.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Now that you have the necessary files installed, you are ready to convert the Winamp skin. Before you begin, you should identify a Winamp skin you would like to convert. If you don't have a Winamp skin, you can find one at www.winamp.com. Have no fear, This process does not modify the existing Winamp skin; it in effect copies it. Now, on to the instructions:

  1. Using Windows Explorer or equiv., locate the directory you unzipped Winamp2SKN.zip to.
    Example: c:\program files\zittware\cdmaster32\Winamp2SKN.
  2. Locate the SkinDemo.EXE file and double click it to open it. If SkinDemo.Exe fails with an error make sure you have both CDMaster32 and the VB runtime files installed.
  3. Select the File/Import Winamp Skin (CTRL+W) menu.
  4. Import Menu ScreenShot

  5. Now, select the Winamp skin (main.bmp) file you want to convert using the browser.
  6. Open Winamp Skin ScreenShot

    and click the Open button.

  7. At this point, the Skin Demo screen should have changed to reflect the imported Winamp skin. If it did not, you should verify you selected the correct main.bmp file in step 4).
  8. Now, save the new skin as a new file using the File/Save Skin menu option.
  9. Save Skin Menu ScreenShot

  10. Finally, select a directory and filename to save the new Skin file. Make sure you save the file as a .SKN file, otherwise it will not work correctly with CDMaster32.
  11. Save Skin Dialog ScreenShot

  12. Using CDMaster32, select the File/New Skin… menu option and browse to the folder you saved your new skin in. In our example, that was C:\Program Files\Zittware\CDMaster\Skins\sonicated.skn.
  13. For further instructions on CDMaster32's Skin Browser, you should consult the help file included with CDMaster32.

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This page Copyright 1999 by John Zitterkopf.