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CD Ripper/Burner Requirements

This document is Copyright 2003 by John Zitterkopf and
may not be distributed or copied for any use.

DO NOT link to this page!

Comments and suggestions about this document should be forwarded to the Author: John Zitterkopf at no_spam@zittware.com

This document is intended for CDMaster32 users that need to install the ASPI layer on their computers. Any other use of the information on this page is forbidden.

Zittware has licensed a complete ASPI layer and it is included with CDMaster32 v5.5.0.0 installation program. If CDMaster32 detects a missing or incorrect ASPI layer; the installation program will prompt you and offer to install an ASPI layer for you.

If you still prefer to install you own ASPI layer; Zittware highly recommends the Adaptec v4.72 ASPI layer which is available for download from


I have also stumbled across these links:

Absolute Best page I've seen. Hope it stays up.

Very good page! Try it.

Updating ASPI-for-Win32 for your Windows 95/98(1 reported success)

You might try this link!~!  

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