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CDMaster Plugins
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This page describes the plugins configured for use with CDMaster32.

NOTE: These applications are property of various authors/companies and Zittware assumes no responsibility for their use in an illegal manner. If the application requires payment for use, it is the end user's responsibility to provide that payment.

CDMaster32's CD Label Creator

CDMaster32 uses a third party application to provide CD label creation facilities to CDMaster32. This application is required when wanting to create CD Labels for AudioCDs created with CDMaster32's internal CD Writer engine.

Zittware teamed up with EasyWare to create an easy to use labeling package. CDMaster32 will format and send the audio track information for your new CD to EasyCover where you can manipulate and print your own CD label. EasyCover will print to a variety of CD labels, including Neato CD Labels. EasyCover will also allow you to create and design your own Jewel Cases.

To download EasyCover, please Click Here.

To make EasyCover work with CDMaster32, simply install EasyCover and CDMaster32 will automatically use it. 

Note: EasyCover is not supported or sold by Zittware. You must evaluate EasyCover and render the proper payment to easyware to continue to use it after their trial period.

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